Friday, August 12, 2011

Miss A! :) {Oakville child photographer}

 Had tons of fun this morning shooting Miss A! :) What a sweet sweet girl. She says "OK" in the sweetest tiny voice! :) But don't get her upset because she'll definitely let you know when she is! :)

.. look at that cute face! :)

... can't decide between the color or black and white ..

... yep, she's upset in this pic.. :) And that's a tattoo on mom's wrist :)

mãe=mother in portuguese and is also Miss A's middle name! :)

Mom gave her the sippy to calm her down. I say she's still not too happy about the incident! :)

... and at the splash pad.. I cannot believe that it is her first time in that splash pad because she was so brave! :)

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