Wednesday, May 26, 2010

J&J - soon to be parents to twins ~~ Milton, Ontario Maternity Photographer

It was my pleasure meeting J&J for the first time. They are expecting the arrival of their twins anytime soon. I can't believe how fit and mobile mommy-to-be J is. They are such a great couple to work with and if the twins are as great models as they are.. I can't wait to meet them in a week or so! :)

Here are some pics..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Weekend.. ~~ Milton Children Photographer

I had a fun weekend with the family! I was surprised by my husband with an awesome camera for my advanced birthday present. :) Here's a few pics taken with my favorite model when we went up to the cottage..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day! ~~ Milton Family Photographer

Here's a picture taken on mother's day. I try to take pictures that tell a story. I prefer candid over posed pictures. This one tells a story of genuine LOVE. Happy first mother's day A!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Backyard fun! ~~ Mississauga Children Photographer

One of the best things about having kids is that you have 2 models (although not always willing) available to you at all times.Here's some pics taken in our backyard.. :)

Daddy's boy..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My first newborn, baby B. ~ Milton Newborn Photographer

I can only say great things about the mama of this baby! My super crunchy idol. :) But, don't let her kids hear you call her crunchy! They'll tell you not to eat her! :)

Baby B will always be special in my diary because he is the very first newborn other than my children that I have photographed..

Here are some pics baby B, the 6th child in the R household.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My friend C.. :) ~ Milton Maternity Photographer

I've known C for 8 yrs or so.. and I am so excited for her and F. Baby #1 is coming next week.. so we took some maternity pics.. :) This is my first maternity shoot and I am so happy to share this special time with C! I can't wait to see the baby in a week or so! :)

Here are some pics from the shoot...:)

... and the dad! :) Thanks for being a good poser.. :)

Today is a day of many firsts... :)

Today is special because of 3 things.. :)
1 - I am posting for the very first time on this blog.
2 - I had my first maternity shoot.
3 - I had my first newborn shoot.

I have always taken pics of my family and friends.. Initially with film (oh yeah, those that you develop using negatives!), then with point and shoot digital cameras, and thanks to my husband who bought me a digital slr 3 yrs ago.. :) Well, it only took 2years until I finally stopped using it as a point and shoot. :)

I practice a lot with my 2 children. I enjoy capturing their day to day life in pictures.

Today is a very special day.. I captured photographs beyond my family.. :) Today, I captured my friend C's first pregnancy as well as a 2-week old boy; the 6th child of a mom who I put in my top-3 role-mom-models!

Thank you C and M for allowing me to take pics of you and yours, today!