Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gift of a Portrait Session.. | Milton Family Photographer

I don't really advertise that I sell gift cards but after working on this session, I thought what a great gift to get a gift of memories! A friend (and client) of mine asked me early this year if I sell gift cards.. She said she's been looking to get a gift for a family friend but couldn't really think of anything to give them. Recipient called me last month to book the family session, and was happy to meet this beautiful(and busy) family of 5!  While editing these I thought.. what a great gift to give and get.. Family "D", I hope I was able to capture the love and your 'life' in the fall of 2011! :)

First the kids.. :) ... the non-stop E! :)

... the handsome "N", who had to be attached to mommy at all times! :)

... and little miss gorgeous E! She was the star of the shoot.. All smiles and just very sweet! :)

... I can see that she's already daddy's little girl! :)

.. and mommy's too! :)

... and finally, the entire crew.. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The girls -- Mom & 2 daughters! | Milton family photographer

What a gorgeous afternoon last Sunday.. And I almost can't believe there are still lots of "fall colours" captured in this session.. I thought for sure the leaves will be all gone..  I'm glad they are still around! Hoping for atleast another week of nice weather as I still have a few fall sessions left to do..

So, here they are... Mommy A and the girls! V is  8 and J is 13! V wanted people to guess where her shoes area.. She said for sure people won't be able to guess! :) I love her personality, such a sweet and funny girl! :)

And my favorite 'fun' shot! :) 

 Big sis J.. So calm, cool(according to mom) and sweet! :)

.. I guess you know now whose boots are hers! :)

... big sis is now too cool for kisses! ;)

 ... and little miss V, is 100 paces ahead of us at all times.. :) Would love to get some of her energy! :)

.. beautiful J!

... The geese loves V! :)

... and what a lovely smile! :)

... Mom said this is such a precious and pivotal time for the girls.. One turning tween... and the other going to high school next year. This was a 'this weekend or never' session! :) I'm glad we were able to fit it in! :)

... Thanks for the nice afternoon!! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful Marisa! | Mississauga Seniors photography

I met Marisa a few years ago and she was what seemed like a little girl then... And now, she has grown into a beautiful lady! Marisa is a dancer and is very much into arts. She is in her senior year and what a better way to capture this special time in her life.. than a private photo session with her..  It's not your typical senior portrait with a curtain backdrop kinda session.. But a more personalized one where she was able to be herself. 

I hope I was able to capture you well, Marisa! I had fun at our session!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first tiny light.. | Tiny Light Foundation

I joined Tiny Light Foundation in the Spring and was happy to be matched with a family this fall.  :)  Tiny light Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides free professional photography for children and families that have been faced with a life altering diagnoses. The foundation's mission:

"Our mission is to provide and capture memories that will help provide a family with one less thing to worry about. In the mist of dealing with doctors appointments, specialist appointments or just the daily life of medicines, rushing here to there for weights, check ups, and the many many other things we deal with in everyday life. A lot of the time photographs seem to take a back burner and not only with time, but with funds. When we look back we want to remember and even though you may not forget what you and your child has gone through we always want more we need the memories to last "Forever". 
~ Tiny Light Website

I am blessed to be part of this great foundation and happy to volunteer my time and talents to families who are well deserving of this gift of photography.

So, this week.. I met EMILY! 90% of the time, when I meet with a family for the first time, the children often get shy and I just let them be. But when Emily's mom introduced her to me, she gave me the sweetest smile! :) Emily is a happy and beautiful 3.5 year old! :) She is also a very sweet big sister to Avery. Emily's favorite color is pink! :) She loves princess dress-ups and loves playing with her dolls! :)

When her mom was on her 20th week of pregnancy, she was diagnosed with a severe case of hydrocephalus and advised that it was best to terminate the pregnancy. The doctors knew there was something wrong but couldn't determine what exactly.

When Emily was born, she appeared healthy but at 2 years old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She goes to physiotherapy every week and wears braces for her legs to help stretch her muscles and for proper alignment.

Emily is now in Kindergarten and enjoying it!  Emily's middle name is HOPE! If Emily's parents didn't have Hope, Emily might have not been here today.

Meet Sweet Emily, and her beautiful family!

I love your smile and laughter Emily! :)