Thursday, December 23, 2010

A week and a bit A! | Oakville Newborn Photographer

Little Miss A here came last week! :) What a beautiful gift to family C! I love doing a Maternity/Newborn sessions because it's nice to work with the family before and after baby is born. I think having that relationship with the parents give me a bit of an advantage since I know the family already and there is no need to break the ice, so to speak.. :)

Mommy knew I was quite busy and told me that I can just work on the pics in the new year but when I took a peek on the pictures I took.. Well, I just couldn't wait to show her how beautiful baby A is.. And she also gave me LOTS of smiles!! So, here goes..

... this is with big brother AJ.. 

.... and of course.. Merry Christmas!!! :)

Baby L | Mississauga Newborn Photographer

My last mini-session for the year! :) It's Baby L, if you browse through previous posts, you might recognize him in his newborn pics. Lots of hair back then, but now.. really LOTS of hair! :) He is super cute but didn't give me much smiles. Still cute!!! I love working with his mommy too!  Merry Christmas family E!

.... peek-a-----

---- BOOAAHH!!! ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

A gift of portrait session for Baby S | Milton Newborn photographer

Today was special.. Special because this was my first "gift" photoshoot.. Aunt T contacted me to inquire about possibly giving her brother's family a gift of photo session. What a great gift that baby S' family will cherish for a lifetime..

I can't ask for a better baby, baby S cooperated during the shoot and I just couldn't wait to take a peek at the pics.. and ended up blogging it right away.. Here you go.. Enjoy Mommy M, Daddy S and Aunt T!

... and just for mommy, baby S gave us another 10 minutes of her sleepy time.. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy family of 3! :) | Milton Family Photographer

I had a fun time with this family of 3!  :)  It was funny that three adults were actually working around our "boss" for the shoot.. Who else? But the almost 3 yo A! :) It's nice to see him so sweet with both Mommy and Daddy. :)

We were supposed to have the session at a nearby park.  But with the temperature at low of -1C, we had to do it indoors! However, it was snowing outside and it was beautiful (I can't believe I said that) :) We are Canadians after all, so why not add some snow in the pics.. :)

My favorite! :)

 ... the sweet couple!

... and A with his bribe (errrr reward) ;)