Sunday, August 14, 2011

Assignment #2: Lifestyle Photography class {Milton Lifestyle Photographer}

I am taking Brooke Snow's Lifestyle Photography class and have been really enjoying it. I have been taking similar shots in the past when I'm with my children but didn't realized there was a label for it.. Lifestyle Photography! :)  It's something I would love to offer my clients as it captures the moment more so than the typical "portrait" type shots with backdrops and all... Don't get me wrong, I love that as well and will continue to use my backdrops and all...  But after my 2nd week in Brooke's class, I know that Lifestyle photography is what I'd like to be doing more of.. My goal now is to find a happy medium between the traditional "portrait" shots and this so called lifestyle photography. :)

Here you go Brooke, and e-classmates! :)

My original shot

And 2 other shots..

Part Two: Less is More

Original shot:

First reduction:

Final reduction..

.... and I just had to add this one.. My little treasure is looking at me! :)

Looking forward to your review, Brooke! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Miss A! :) {Oakville child photographer}

 Had tons of fun this morning shooting Miss A! :) What a sweet sweet girl. She says "OK" in the sweetest tiny voice! :) But don't get her upset because she'll definitely let you know when she is! :)

.. look at that cute face! :)

... can't decide between the color or black and white ..

... yep, she's upset in this pic.. :) And that's a tattoo on mom's wrist :)

mãe=mother in portuguese and is also Miss A's middle name! :)

Mom gave her the sippy to calm her down. I say she's still not too happy about the incident! :)

... and at the splash pad.. I cannot believe that it is her first time in that splash pad because she was so brave! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby L is one! :) {Mississauga child photographer}

It has been a pleasure to be part of baby L's 1st year. Come to think of it, I knew about him even when he was still several months inside mommy's belly. :) Mommy G found an ad I posted online when I was just starting my photography business last year. So glad she found me because I've had lots of fun seeing baby L grow! :)

Here are some pics from our baby's 1st birthday smash cake session! :) I can't help but put some comparative shots from his newborn @ 9 days old and his 1st year session at 1 year and 19 days old! :)

Same basket, similar hat, same baby! :)

... and the cake smash! :)

.. and with Papa (who is so much in love with his one and only grandson) :)

..happy boy! :)

serious look! :)

And last but not the least.. with Papa and Mommy! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby K and her million dollar family! :) | Milton newborn photographe

I was excited to meet Baby K! Her mom is my daughter's pre-school teacher :) Baby girl K is a week old! She is so sweet and have a big brother! A million dollar family :)

I really love my job and glad that it allows me to get my baby fix while I  work with beautiful newborns. If I didn't get my regular baby fix, I'd probably have more than 2 kids! :)

Well, here she is..

Big brother! :) He couldn't stop kissing her! :)

.. Congratulations again K and to your million dollar family! :)