Friday, April 29, 2011

Twins J & W @ 26 days! :)

This Tuesday was a big day for me. It was my baby's (my 2 year old son) first day at daycare! It was bittersweet but my heart tells me he is ready. Now, if he will only eat the lunch provided at daycare, then I'll feel better. It seems that he refuses to eat his lunch! :( Good thing he eats fruit, just not the main course. The teachers there promised me that he'll get used to it sooner than later. :)

What to do while he's at daycare? I can give you a list! :) But that day.. I met 26 day old twins J and W! :) Sweet boys! I always say that newborn photography is my favorite of all! It is so much fun to work with a newborn. So sweet and often I find myself smiling as I watch their facial expressions.  Technically, the twins are no longer newborns.. But they were still sleepy enough for me to take these pictures.. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cristina and Tuck's Wedding :) | Mississauga photographer

One of my BFF's got married this month. I had the privilege to be the 2nd photographer for the wedding. It was such a different experience. :) With newborns, I can position them where I want them to be and 90% of the time, they stay in one spot. With weddings, you have to go around the subject.. aim for the shot and while doing that make sure as well that you are not in the frame of the other photographer. It was quite a workout! And to think I wasn't the  main photographer.. Needless to say, this will probably be my last.. Unless it's another friend getting married (or remarried).. or I get offered a ridiculous amount of photographer fees! LOL..

Here are some of my faves from the wedding.. :)

5 day old Moses | Milton Newborn Photographer

I have been quiet lately as I seem to have a hard time finding enough hours in a day! :( This past month, I have been busy with family matters.  Last week,  I had a wonderful opportunity to mentor with Keri Meyers in Duvall, WA. Yes, I flew from Toronto to Seattle.. by myself! :) The only baby I travelled with was my camera! :) It was such a different way to travel! I flew a lot with my kids due to my husband's work in the past and it wasn't fun at all! You have to bring a lot of things to keep them occupied..  So, it was such a treat to travel light. :) And thanks to my wonderful husband, I even travelled first class from Chicago to Seattle (and back).. And WOW! What a huge difference.. Breakable plates, cloth napkins, great food and they even gave me ice cream and warm cookies!(as if it was fresh from the oven! woohoo!) :)  I got to Seattle on a Sunday afternoon and did a bit of sightseeing downtown. The following day, I had the session with Keri where she had a 5 day old model.  I flew back to Toronto that night and landed in Toronto at 6am on zombie-mode!  It was so worth it though! I learned a lot and now eager to book lots of newborns so I can apply everything I learned! :)

Below are the pictures I took during our session with a gorgeous 5 day old boy named Moses. He has the most perfect head and features..  :) 

Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think! I love hearing feedbacks! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby K's 1st year cake smashing session! :) | Milton child cake smashing photographer

I have been quiet for awhile as I've been busy with other things. But I promise you'll see more of me soon! :) There's different things on the works and I'm looking forward to being able to take on more sessions in the coming months!

My favorite of all sessions is probably my newborn sessions. This is immediately followed by baby's 1st year and cake smashing session! It's so much fun and I think all kids deserve to have their 1st year session done!! Here is beautiful Baby K.. It is so nice to see her again.. since our 5 month/baptism session more than half a year ago! Time sure flies! :)

So, here she is... along with some of my new lovely backdrops.. :)

Here she is.. Little Miss Gorgeous K! :)

Little Miss Cutie here...  :)

Is it Easter, already? :)

... and of course... the highlight of the session.. C.A.K.E. smashing!! :)