Monday, April 25, 2011

5 day old Moses | Milton Newborn Photographer

I have been quiet lately as I seem to have a hard time finding enough hours in a day! :( This past month, I have been busy with family matters.  Last week,  I had a wonderful opportunity to mentor with Keri Meyers in Duvall, WA. Yes, I flew from Toronto to Seattle.. by myself! :) The only baby I travelled with was my camera! :) It was such a different way to travel! I flew a lot with my kids due to my husband's work in the past and it wasn't fun at all! You have to bring a lot of things to keep them occupied..  So, it was such a treat to travel light. :) And thanks to my wonderful husband, I even travelled first class from Chicago to Seattle (and back).. And WOW! What a huge difference.. Breakable plates, cloth napkins, great food and they even gave me ice cream and warm cookies!(as if it was fresh from the oven! woohoo!) :)  I got to Seattle on a Sunday afternoon and did a bit of sightseeing downtown. The following day, I had the session with Keri where she had a 5 day old model.  I flew back to Toronto that night and landed in Toronto at 6am on zombie-mode!  It was so worth it though! I learned a lot and now eager to book lots of newborns so I can apply everything I learned! :)

Below are the pictures I took during our session with a gorgeous 5 day old boy named Moses. He has the most perfect head and features..  :) 

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  1. Beautiful job, Theresa!! It was such a pleasure meeting you! Hugs!