Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The girls -- Mom & 2 daughters! | Milton family photographer

What a gorgeous afternoon last Sunday.. And I almost can't believe there are still lots of "fall colours" captured in this session.. I thought for sure the leaves will be all gone..  I'm glad they are still around! Hoping for atleast another week of nice weather as I still have a few fall sessions left to do..

So, here they are... Mommy A and the girls! V is  8 and J is 13! V wanted people to guess where her shoes area.. She said for sure people won't be able to guess! :) I love her personality, such a sweet and funny girl! :)

And my favorite 'fun' shot! :) 

 Big sis J.. So calm, cool(according to mom) and sweet! :)

.. I guess you know now whose boots are hers! :)

... big sis is now too cool for kisses! ;)

 ... and little miss V, is 100 paces ahead of us at all times.. :) Would love to get some of her energy! :)

.. beautiful J!

... The geese loves V! :)

... and what a lovely smile! :)

... Mom said this is such a precious and pivotal time for the girls.. One turning tween... and the other going to high school next year. This was a 'this weekend or never' session! :) I'm glad we were able to fit it in! :)

... Thanks for the nice afternoon!! :)

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  1. So sweet mommies and both the cute daughters...and some good photography.... I love the teeth pics of that mom.......
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