Saturday, May 15, 2010

My first newborn, baby B. ~ Milton Newborn Photographer

I can only say great things about the mama of this baby! My super crunchy idol. :) But, don't let her kids hear you call her crunchy! They'll tell you not to eat her! :)

Baby B will always be special in my diary because he is the very first newborn other than my children that I have photographed..

Here are some pics baby B, the 6th child in the R household.


  1. These are precious, T! I'm so excited for you and wish you the best as you move forward capturing these precious moments. What a beautiful baby!! Miss you!

  2. Wow.. these are breath-taking. I'm actually tearing up a bit. The only one i'd seen was the one on M's profile. Will you be my photographer one day when I have kids? :)