Friday, July 22, 2011

Date with my daughter! :)

We easily get busy with work and other things that we sometimes forget the most important things/people in our life. I try my best not to, but know that at times when I am trying to beat a deadline or as I try to finish up on my editing on the computer.. My children always gets the "Give me a minute, mommy's busy" response!

So this summer, I decided to spend lots of quality time with my kids! Trying to take a break from my work by not taking too much clients. Instead, I plan to spend time photographing my favorite little people, my children! :) When they go to school in the fall, I will have more time with work. But in the meantime, enjoying the summer with them!

This set here was taken after school ended for her late June.. We went to Scribble n' Splatter here in Milton. It's an expressive play studio for children. They had different tables set up for different projects from making paper watermelon to paper flip-flops to beaded jewelry! :) They also have a dress-up / reading / play area. It is such a fun place and the best part is that you don't have to clean up the mess.. :)

After art class, we went for lunch at Sushi-Ya Japan.  Yup you guessed it right, it's a Japanese restaurant! :) It's a restaurant we've never tried. How special is that? Just mommy and Iz.  She looks so grown up here eating.. Oh and just ignore my huge Bento box at the bottom! LOL

And what better way to end our day? Mini-spa! :) Unfortunately for me, it was just for her! :) What a neat place called Sharkey's Cuts for Kids.

Well, the highlight for her was those purple-sparkly nailpolish!! :) I never really use any nailpolish on her other than the water-based, non-toxic, odorless Piggy Paint. So this was a first for her!


  1. What beautiful pictures. These are things that she will remember as an and mummy time :-) I so have to agree with you on the time that we need to spend with them, they grow up soooooooo fast and then it is gone.
    Great post too.