Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Babywearing Mama :) | Milton Newborn Photographer

I met Steph almost 4 years ago or so when I was looking for baby carriers! :)  I wore my daughter A LOT so capturing Steph and her daughter brings some good memories.. :) Steph has an online store called BabywearBoutique located in Halton!

I have gotten a lot of comments in the past while wearing my daughter.. "Oh, she'll be spoiled!" or "She'll be super clingy" etc.. etc...  On the contrary, one of the benefits of babywearing is that it helps raise confident children. Being in a carrier, close to mommy gives them all the comfort and assurance that they need when they are young. So, they actually grow up to be confident in life. Just ask my UN-shy 4 year old! LOL..

Well, here are some pics of Mommy and beautiful 2week old T..

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