Monday, January 17, 2011

1st newborn, born 01/01/11 :) | Mississauga Newborn Photographer

I went for a 2+ week vacation to the Philippines with my family and just got back this weekend! Talk about Jetlag.. my 2 wee kids got major jetlag! They have interchanged 2am and 2pm. They wake up at 2am wanting to play and eat...  and by 2pm they want to go to bed! :) I took lots of pictures while I was there but no newborns! So, I was excited today to meet my first newborn for 2011! :) Incidentally, he was born on the first day of this year! :) He was a bit early but everybody was excited about his arrival, including Auntie L who booked the session when he was probably just 3 months old inside mommy's belly! :)

Well, here are some pics! :)

Sweet sweet boy.. And he gave me a smile! :)

 ... Daddy loves basketball... and this was his idea - I love it! :) He had to drive home to get "a" ball.. he came back with 5 balls!!! :)

... he's got talent! :)

... OK, let it be clear that his name starts with the letter J, but it is NOT Jordan! :)

.... the only pic with Mommy and Daddy! :)

.... we have to practice with something.. why not a care bear! :)

... These next ones are super sweet.. with Grandpa from mom's side.. and Grandma from dad's side..

.... and a last shot.. future MVP with future coach :)

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  1. He'll become a good basketball player!!! ;))