Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby K } Milton Child Photographer

Here's a movie of the pics for Baby K!

1st birthday pics with messy cake smashing too! | Milton children photographer

Cake smashing pics for baby's 1st birthday is a BLAST! :) I had one done for my daughter prior to being a pro myself and I will always remember it!  It was my pleasure to capture baby M for her 1st birthday pics.. Mommy J made a cake for her to smash! :) I have to say that she wasn't the smashing type.. what a girly girl she is.. :)

Baby M, all clean..

... we had to stop a bit for a snack break! :)

.. and hanging upside down! :)

... and the messy pic.. love her chubby arms, legs and cheeks! :)

.. Mommy J helping direct the smashing.. ;)

... baby M crawling away from the mess! heheh

.... M had a quick bath... and back for more pics.. :)

I love this picture! It shows a lot of love!

.... and she wanted mommy's shades! :)

and we're not done yet!!! pic with my new props... :)

... and probably my favorite of all.. :)

Baby A! :) | Milton Newborn Photographer

I first met baby A when she was a week old or so.. I took some pics then, but not enough to capture her.. So, I came back when she was almost a month old, and took more pics.. this time with big sis!

Here are some pics from Part 1's session..

And Part 2's session.. Special thanks to A's daddy for all his help and his exceptional patience! 

... and with big sis! :)

.. and I can't resist taking pics of big sis! She has big beautiful eyes!!! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Familia A! | Milton Family Photographer

I've been feeling guilty that it took me awhile to work on these pictures. And specially that Mommy D is my BFF! Sorry for the delay! :) We spent a couple of days together at the cottage and had a mini-session! :)

Enjoy the pics! My favorite are the goofy pics! :) I think it captured how fun their family is! :)

.... and my faves.. ;)

... and the boys, wrestling! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beautiful 5 month old K! | Milton children photographer

Baby K is  almost 6 months old. Mommy wanted her pictures taken so she can use the pictures for her baptism invitations. She is such a cutie and both Mommy and her are such a pleasure to work with! :) 

... and of course in her baptismal gown! :) 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Girl J.. | Milton Children Photographer

It's been awhile since I last blogged. My apologies. My camera's been busy, just haven't had much time to blog the pics. Here's one taken a couple of weeks ago of Big Girl J! She is such a nice girl, and very beautiful! Her mom and I met online and have met a couple of times for playdates..

Here are some pics of J.