Friday, September 17, 2010

1st birthday pics with messy cake smashing too! | Milton children photographer

Cake smashing pics for baby's 1st birthday is a BLAST! :) I had one done for my daughter prior to being a pro myself and I will always remember it!  It was my pleasure to capture baby M for her 1st birthday pics.. Mommy J made a cake for her to smash! :) I have to say that she wasn't the smashing type.. what a girly girl she is.. :)

Baby M, all clean..

... we had to stop a bit for a snack break! :)

.. and hanging upside down! :)

... and the messy pic.. love her chubby arms, legs and cheeks! :)

.. Mommy J helping direct the smashing.. ;)

... baby M crawling away from the mess! heheh

.... M had a quick bath... and back for more pics.. :)

I love this picture! It shows a lot of love!

.... and she wanted mommy's shades! :)

and we're not done yet!!! pic with my new props... :)

... and probably my favorite of all.. :)

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