Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miracle Baby A! My first newborn GIRL! :) | Milton Newborn Photographer Theresa Brereton

I have done 7 newborn shoots in June and guess what?? They were all boys!!

Baby A is my 8th newborn.. and what a nice way to end June.. with a girl! :) Sweet, sweet A is 4 months old, so (technically) not a newborn. But, she is such a special baby! When she was born, she weighed just a pound or so. She is 9+ lbs now and has done so well! She's a good sleeper too! :) I was able to capture some sleeping shots! :) :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Soon to be mommy to twins, S! >> Milton maternity photographer

Mommy S is due in a few weeks! They are having either identical twin boys or twin girls! :) Did you know that identical twins are do not run in families? Yes, there is no hereditary trait that influences the predisposition of having identical twins! :)

Here are some pics with daddy and soon-to-be big sister K.

... and here's one of my favorite shots...

Monday, June 28, 2010

J-L and M in pink and purple :) | Milton Children Photographer

Here's another quick shoot of the children of a mama friend, J. I've known their mom for 3+years and we've been to a lot of playdates together. It's so nice to see our kids grow. I love it when boys/men wear pink! Here's some pictures of J-L and M!

Baby R @ 3 weeks | Mississauga Newborn Photographer

On Sunday, I had a quick session with Baby R. He is 3 weeks old and wide awake the whole time. :) I love taking pics of newborns (under 2 weeks old) because they still curl up a lot. But the advantage of taking photographs of those over 2 weeks is that you can capture their beautiful eyes! The hammock is knitted by yours truly. Baby R was a bit too wiggly so I didn't get a chance to capture some suspended ones.. Here are some pics of Baby R and his sweet mama K!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet G and S! :) ~ Mississauga Newborn Photographer

I had an awesome afternoon with mommy to be G and daddy to be S! It was a great shoot because G is a natural at trying different poses! And of course, S was very easy to work with. Anything for Embutido? ;)

Here are some of the pics..

... and of course, with miss B.. Beyonce! ;)

Happy Father's Day! ~ Mississauga Newborn Photographer

What a busy weekend! Happy Father's Day to the best dad, my husband! :) Thanks for babysitting while I went to 3 photo shoots this weekend! :) To the best dad... from your 2 shadows.. ;)
**FYI, beer bottle does not contain beer, just water!** ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

9 days old twin boys! :) ~ Milton newborn photographer

J&J had their twins and I was so happy to meet these boys, M & C. They are the sweetest boys! They were great models just like mom & dad. Here are some pics! Special Thanks to Daddy J for helping me move the boys from basket to basket.. :) Happy Father's Day J, x2!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blues, Oranges and Rain.. ~ Milton Family Photographer

This morning, I met up with B family for a photoshoot. It was a fun shoot! I love that the entire family is helping direct the shoot. It's more fun that way! :)

We were just getting warmed up when the rain poured -- without any warning! I scrambled to put my camera in my bag for safety! Whew!!!

Anyway, here are some pics.. And, I'm looking forward to part #2 of our shoot..  :) I'm hoping to take more pics of M and N too!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun times! :) ~ Mississauga Children Photographer

Yesterday, I was just playing with my kids and decided to grab the camera and snap a few pics that I wanted to share with you..
... It started with a serious pose...

... Then, I asked the big sister to go on top of the coffee table.. ;)
Is it obvious that she's tired of mommy making her smile? :)

... and boy, the power of the word "skittles"... there's the smile! ;)

... and he likes skittles too ;)

... and the cleaning "crew"...