Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blues, Oranges and Rain.. ~ Milton Family Photographer

This morning, I met up with B family for a photoshoot. It was a fun shoot! I love that the entire family is helping direct the shoot. It's more fun that way! :)

We were just getting warmed up when the rain poured -- without any warning! I scrambled to put my camera in my bag for safety! Whew!!!

Anyway, here are some pics.. And, I'm looking forward to part #2 of our shoot..  :) I'm hoping to take more pics of M and N too!


  1. You have a really good bunch of models here, so I could just imagine how fun it would have been if you had a waterproof camera! I'm pretty sure the boys would love to have their pictures taken in the rain! good luck on your next shoot!

  2. These are all really great shots! I love the ones on the bridge! Fabulous job, Theresa!