Friday, July 23, 2010

Funny & Crazy, soon to be parents J & C! | Milton newborn photographer

This photoshoot topped the FUN list. This couple are both crazy and fun! :) I've been emailing with J for months now and finally I meet her and her husband last night! Well, let me tell you.. email cannot capture the personality of a person. She is so funny and she loves to make goofy faces.. :) And her husband C, well.. he's another story! :)

I was worried about the rain, but the rain actually waited for us to finish before it started pouring! :)

Well, here are some pics of the shoot....
(btw, you can click the pics to view a bigger pic)

.... and one of my favorite shots of J.. :) It captured a happy, sweet & loving mommy! :)

.... ok, you ask what's crazy about the above pics? Well, I wasn't sure I'm allowed to post the crazy pics.. but I can't resist, so here's a couple pics... starting with a comic strip.. ;)

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  1. We're so happy with the images that you captured Theresa, you do truly excellent work!!! J